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Who Is Nick Orioli Training

Upon graduating from Ohio State in 2019 with a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, Nick became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. Since then, Nick has acquired roughly five years of Professional Sports Performance Experience and six years of Personal Training Experience. Nick has had the opportunity to both work as an Intern and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach with NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets over the course of four years. During this time, Nick not only managed both individual and team performance, but also executed the Rehabilitation Protocol for injured players and took lead on the development of all prospective players. Nick also spent a year with MLB's St. Louis Cardinal's Affiliate Programs in Florida working alongside the performance department on rehabilitation, team & individual off-field performance, and sports science before returning to the Columbus Blue Jackets. 

Founding Nick Orioli Training in 2018, Nick saw a vision to help youth athletes on both an individual and team scale through One on One Training, Group Training, or Speed Development. He has worked with numerous local youth teams and athletes spanning various ages and sports to take their performance to the next level. In 2023, Nick Orioli Training has partnered with Universal Speed Rating to become Columbus's ONLY Speed Lab! 

Whether your looking to develop your athlete at a young age, take your performance to the Big Leagues, or simply just need a quality gym regiment; Nick Orioli Training is here to make it happen. Call, Text, or Email at the information below to get started today!

Nick Orioli, former NHL Strength & Conditioning Coach and current Trainer for Nick Orioli Training

Who We Train & Our Philosophies

We pride ourselves on being as accommodating and available to anyone looking to reach their goals.  High level athletes looking to improve outside of competition? We methodically build programs through periodization with specific goals from tested prescription needs to ensure you are maximizing your efforts and performance in and out of the weight room. Younger athletes looking to begin their journey training for sport? We strive to develop youth athletes by teaching Fundamental Movement Patterns such as squat, hinge, push, pull etc. prior to the development of complex patterns. We also ensure athleticism and proprioception work through Speed Sessions, so youth athletes can be comfortable moving in their own space. Fresh off an injury looking to get back on track? Through proper planning, communication, and understanding of the injury at hand, we are able to provide training to not only get back to where you were before the injury, but be a step-ahead. Simply just looking to be held accountable in the gym, losing weight, gaining muscle or simply needing direction? Our services can provide you to reach your fitness goals.

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