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Speed Lab

Looking for speed training or explosive work? You have come to the right place. Nick Orioli Training has been specializing in speed clinics for over six years. Nick has helped multiple athletes reach the 20 mph club, along with an average of over 7% increase in improvement for 10 yard accel times, 20 yard speed times, and peak velocity speeds in all athletes. Nick is partnered with Universal Speed Rating to become Columbus's Only Speed Lab. Universal Speed Rating is a digital speed data analysis platform that takes varies speed metrics (MPH, acceleration time, etc) and compiles these metrics into a ranking system in the community and across the country. Through a comprehensive Speed Assessment conducted by Nick Orioli Training and his team, a full speed report is generated showing varies metrics.


Below, you will find any active Speed Camps, Speed Sessions, or further Speed Development Opportunities

June Speed Camp

A Four-Week, 8-Session Speed Development Camp focusing on Acceleration and Peak Velocity. An initial assessment utilizing timing gates and force plates, will provide the athlete with acceleration, max velocity, and explosive effort metrics to see there initial metrics. Technique, power, and explosive efforts will be taught and integrated throughout the course of this camp. There will be a total of 8 sessions, with 2 sessions per week. Each day will have a specific focal point and will last anywhere from about an hour to an hour and a half. Force plates and timing gates will be used daily to track progression and recovery. The athlete will go through an assessment again on the final session to track total progress. If ANY metrics improve from the initial assessment, the athlete will be 100% REIMBURSED the cost of this camp through further training in the fall.


Initial Speed Assessment

Initial Force Plate Jump Assessment

Universal Speed Rating Account, Report, & National Ranking for Both Initial & Post Assessments

Nick Orioli Training T-Shirt

Weekly Force Plate Integration

Post Speed Assessment

Post Force Plate Jump Assessment


COST: $250 (~$30/Session Value)


If a participant improves on ANY of the following metrics: Peak Velocity, 20yd Time, 10yd Time, or ANY Force Plate Metrics; a 100% REIMBURSEMENT will be awarded through further training with Nick Orioli Training. Participants who qualify for this reimbursement, will have the opportunity to receive $50/month off of training (qualifies for both Back to Basics Training, Speed Development Opportunities, or Online Training) with Nick Orioli Training to the sum of $250. *Opportunity subject to terms upon waiver*

Days: Mondays & Wednesdays Starting June 3rd

2:00PM for 16+ Group & 3:00PM for 15 & Under Group

Location: Westerville North High School Stadium

*950 County Line Road, Westerville Ohio, 43081*

Preston Hawkins

20 MPH




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